WINTER 19/20
Out Hero is a girl living on the shores of the Baltic Sea. For her, a difficult and cold climate is not a reason to stay at home, but the opportunity to be alone with nature. She chooses practical but aesthetic things as shearling coats, harmoniously combining with a pleated silk skirt and cowboy boots, cargo pants with a classic aviator.
Our spring inspiration is the girl traveling on her safari jeep around the Bali Island. She passes through famous tourist places, among sandy cliffs and beaches with volcanic sand. New images are combined with natural textures, ideal in their natural form
AUTUMN 18/19
The autumn collection was inspired by girl who lives in a motorcycle workshop. She listens to Jim Morrison's songs and wears an apron skirt, cowboy boots and a bright suede jacket with leopard print.
SPRING 18/19
The spring collection is inspired by the style of rock musicians as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison and others.
WINTER 17/18
Made for Bulleit PROJECT
Leather Jacket with provocative slogans in collaboration with American whiskey Bulleit.